Autistic Space Kit goes live

I have just completed the publication of the ASK app, a communication tool for adults with autism helping under times of stress. The app was commissioned by Three Guineas Trust (one of the Sainsbury family charitable trusts)  and ARGH Highland, the app is simple to use and highly customisable allowing users to tailor the app to their specific needs.
ASK was written in Swift as I now feel that it is the time to switch over from Objective C. Swift has reached version 3 so future upgrades should be non breaking. Resources such as third party libraries and tutorials are switching over and future support for the code base will be significantly easier in Swift. Objective C developers will become scarce over time!
The Android version of the app is currently nearing completion and a marketing campaign to promote the app will start when this happens.
It is great to feel that an app can contribute significantly to the well being of so many people.