Reproductive Health Library WHO App

Tudor Jenkins just completed a large update to the RHL World Health Organisation app with a complete structural overhaul enabling it to also run well on iPads and Android devices. The app which is due to go live any day now allows doctors working in remote locations where there is poor or no network to access a library of resources to help them deal with reproductive health issues.
Tudor did the iOS development, ensuring that the libraries are cached reliably and smoothly whilst the app adjusts to the user locale offering relevant content.  Tudor project managed the Android version, working with José, his close associate and partner for these types of projects.

Autistic Space Kit goes live

I have just completed the publication of the ASK app, a communication tool for adults with autism helping under times of stress. The app was commissioned by Three Guineas Trust (one of the Sainsbury family charitable trusts)  and ARGH Highland, the app is simple to use and highly customisable allowing users to tailor the app to their specific needs.
ASK was written in Swift as I now feel that it is the time to switch over from Objective C. Swift has reached version 3 so future upgrades should be non breaking. Resources such as third party libraries and tutorials are switching over and future support for the code base will be significantly easier in Swift. Objective C developers will become scarce over time!
The Android version of the app is currently nearing completion and a marketing campaign to promote the app will start when this happens.
It is great to feel that an app can contribute significantly to the well being of so many people.

Rolling Stones Exhibitionism app

WideEyedVision, was commissioned to create two apps for a world wide exhibition for The Rolling StonesExhibitionism .
The apps run on kiosks and let users mix The Rolling Stones songs and explore video archive material about studio recordings. The apps have received great critical acclaim …


But the most unexpected treat is the digital mixing board that allows you to turn up or down the volume of every separate instrument on various Stones recordings. Want to hear “Rocks Off” with just Watts’ shuffling, funky drums and Bill Wyman’s libidinous bass line? Go for it. “Sympathy for the Devil” with just Mick’s yowling and Keif’s snarling guitar licks? No problem. A Stones obsessive could easily spend an hour happily playing around on that station (and since the exhibit provides numerous digital mixing boards, there’s no pressure to move on quickly). – Billboard Magazing


A re-created studio live room (modelled on Olympic studios perhaps?) and mixing desk are nerd-vana for anyone remotely interested in the recording process and are coupled with the chance to “mix” your own Rolling Stones track. It’s ridiculously good fun playing around with classic tunes, gleefully messing about with the faders and turning up or turning down the isolated vocals and instruments – DIY Magazine


Each of the galleries is effective in its own right. Especially potent are sections with the guitars of Richards and later addition Ronnie Wood and their reflections on each instrument, a mix-your-own-Stones-tune headphone station – Chicago Tribune


In the same room is a cool mixing-board feature where you can turn up and down the individual tracks (Jagger’s lead vocal, guitars, bass, drums, backing vocals, keyboards…) of eight different songs, including “Rocks Off,” “Miss You” and “Undercover of the Night.” – Chicago Sun Times

Internet of Things (IoT) Talk

Tudor gives a talk to iPhone delvelopers showcasing a prototype Apple Watch app that uses iBeacons to track user location and intelligently control Philips Hue lights. The app includes a learning algorithm to avoid any need for settings and simplify user interactions. More here

Telegraph Travel Guides App

Wide Eyed Vision create multi-guide management code for The Telegraph’s latest app – Travel Guides by The Telegraphcontinuing a long and successful working relationship with Future Platforms. The code not only performs complex layouts of exacting standards but also manages very reliably the ability for users to download guides, and update them as new ones are published.